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Only AccessAnywhere Provides a Dedicated VPN Server, Uses Your Own Trusted Office Internet Connection and Eliminates the Risks of Employees Using Public Wi-Fi HotSpots

Uses a Private VPN Server With Dedicated Bandwidth

When employees on a remote Wi-Fi network connects to an AccessAnywhere VPN server installed at your office, they don't have to worry about the performance issues related to sharing the bandwidth with hundreds or thousands of other, unrelated, people.

Only your employees use your Internet connection. Additionally, they can be also assured of the trust of the VPN termination network, where the traffic leaves the encrypted tunnel of the VPN, because it is your own trusted network. Rather than terminating a VPN connection with some unknown 3rd party, in some undisclosed location, your users connections will all terminate on your secure office network.

Encrypts User Activity Over Open Wi-Fi Hotspots

Most publicly available Wi-Fi hotspots are meant to be easily available to many potential users. As a result, they generally do not use encryption. The problem with this, is that by its very nature, anyone, including those with nefarious intent, can also connect to the same network. This makes all of a users internet activity sent over that network subject to inspection and capture by any third party on the Wi-Fi network at the same time.

By sending all of your remote employes activity through an encrypted AccessAnywhere VPN connection, back to your office, you ensure security of your users data stream.

Increase Privacy on Wi-Fi Hotspots with Passwords

Even for those public Wi-Fi hotspots that are using encryption (WEP,WPA2 etc), the password is either easily available (like a sign behind the couter), or widely known (just need to ask an associate). When the password is easily available for network, the value of the encryption as it relates to privacy of a users Internet actvity, drops to near zero for the same reason as above.

Users connected to your AccessAnywhere VPN device are able to encrypt all of their Internet activity, not only on the Wi-Fi hotspot, but all the way across the Internet, until it reaches your private, and secure office network. Only at that point will it route out to the destination Internet servers.

Protect Users From The Following Types of Attack Risks

Packet Sniffing
When a hacker is able to connect to a network they can use tools to capture any data that is being transmitted on the network. When the data is not encrypted they have easy direct, access to the information it contains.

Malware/Session Hijacking
By having access to the network, hackers can hijack an application session a user has active with a web-site, and then take over control of that session, without ever even having to have a users authentication credentials.

Rogue Access Points
An open or shared password network makes it easy for hackers to deploy fake access points that trick users or their computers into connecting to the fake access point and providing sensitive network access information that can be used to gain access to the real network.

Hackers insert themselves in the middle of an Internet transaction, and present themselves as the site you are connecting to.

Secure Hosted "Cloud" Servers By Restricting Access

If you have hosted, or cloud servers, you can build additional security into the access rules to those servers by restricting access from locations other than your office. This is made possible by the fact that your remote employees will now have their connections to those cloud servers originate from your office via the VPN tunnel.