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The #1 Point That Every Small Business Owner or IT Manager Needs to Understand Before Spending a Single Penny on Setting up a VPN

The typical small business broadband DSL/Cable Internet connection has an upload speed equivalent to only 0.3% to 0.7% of the office network. Even the almighty T1 only provides 1.5%. Once aware of this fact, most people agree; this hardly constitutes “high-speed”.

So, if compared to your office LAN, the speed of your Internet connection is just plain slow, does that mean that remote user access isn't going to work?

The truth is, just about any VPN technology (if implemented properly) can technically provide a connection to the office network. However, when dealing with these kinds of speeds, the practical answer to that question is that "it all depends".

And ... There Are 57 Other Important Points To Consider Also

Through 1000's of VPN implementations, AccessAnywhere has identified precisely 57 key data-points that must be taken into careful consideration before spending any money on VPN hardware, software, or services.

Ignore them at your peril, because without assessing these 57 key data-points even the top-of-the-line, most technically elegant VPN implementation will have cost you thousands of dollars and be a complete failure.

First, you must thoroughly understand your “end-to-end” business and technical requirements, and the environment in which they must operate. This understanding can be garnered through evaluation of the following areas:

  • Business Requirements and Current Situation (9 Points)
  • Infrastructure (27 Points)
  • Application and Data Profiles (21 Points)

By sufficiently reviewing your business goals and objectives, and evaluating the “readiness” of your business process and information technology for a VPN before you commit valuable capital to a solution that might cost thousands of dollars, you can ensure that the access to one of your most valuable business tools, your network and the information it holds, will perform as expected.

Normally, AccessAnywhere would engage with clients on this type of review in the form of a comprehensive 57-Point analysis and planning audit, for which we charge a non-refundable fee of $249.00. However, each month we offer a limited number of Free Rapid VPN "Readiness" Assessments, which cover the most important points of the audit to provide you with the guidance you need to get started in the right direction.

The assessment comes with no obligation and provides a vendor neutral report on the best VPN solution architecture for your specific business.

Don't Spend Money Unnecessarily. Do A Free Rapid VPN "Readiness" Assessment First

Simply, complete the form below and someone will contact you to let you know if there are any free assessments slots remaining this month and when they are.
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